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About us

High-speed internet bandwidth

About Veda Networks

Veda network provides its customers high-speed internet bandwidth capable of supporting the growing suite of applications and satisfying communication and entertainment needs. We believe, with ever increasing and bandwidth-hungry applications, the bandwidth requirements of subscribers would grow exponentially. Our network architecture supports delivery of bandwidth at speeds beyond the capability of the traditional network rolled out by telecom operators. It is our constant effort to offer a range of innovative internet technology products and services to homes and SME customers. The customers will find the innovative features of our products useful in superior speed, the convenience of using wireless internet from anywhere in the office or home, relief from wireless security hassles, assured control on monthly bills, and saving substantial cost. We are committed to creating superior value for our customers at all times.

VedaNetwork started its journey to provide Broadband Services for the masses globally using cost-effective, standards-based wireless technology. It has developed technology that substantially enhances the capabilities of current 802.11 standards-based wireless technology to enable mass adoption of complete wireless solutions for outdoor last mile access, MAN deployments, campus wireless distribution, specialized indoor wireless networks, and indoor-outdoor integration in challenging and rough terrains where Line of Sight is not available. Our networks are optimized for outdoor metro Wi-Fi networks without providing any changes to standard Wi-Fi clients. It results in the best performance regarding throughput, range, indoor penetration, and interference mitigation, which ensures that service providers can offer cost effective and top quality service.

The advantages of new technology are superior coverage, increased throughput, improved indoor penetration and interference immunity, and greater accessing speed. VEDA network currently offers its services to over 10,000 satisfied customers in Tamil Nadu and extending its footprint to many more cities across Tamil Nadu. Innovation is our driving force, and we create an environment for the young talents in our company to conceive and incubate new ideas to develop and deliver useful services and solutions for our customers, thereby sustaining our competitive advantages.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading Broadband and IT service provider company, offering innovative products and solutions to home, enterprise, and other customers in the India and globally. We believe that our next generation services will change the way India lives, transacts, communications. We have confidence in making a significant contribution towards a powerful Broadband enabled India.

Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the standards of customer experience in the country for all times to come. VEDA Network will endeavour to deliver enhanced customer experience through innovation. Our core business strategy is to fulfil customer needs and provide 24/7 support for the customers.